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4-4-2 Music Physical Catalogue

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Released April 1, 2011


In the netherspace when neither the sun nor the moon is strong enough to light the world, shadows multiply and contract randomly, the small sounds that have been hidden become all that you can hear. The magnificance of the dull red sunset glow melts into dark melancholy.

Karoshi's debut album is a thing of depth and beauty. An electronic heart and a songwriter's soul, skittering glitch and abstract-jazz percussion, warm washes and delicate vocalists.

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Shane Gedekoh/Underscore Adia

Split 3" CD-R
Released November 2010

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Garage bluster and hi-fi/lo-fi contrasts on this split 3" CD-R. Urgent pop moves flecked with outsider isolation from Shane Gedekoh. No such problems for Underscore Adia who pump out communal Saturday morning cartoon theme songs as imagined by some Devo/grunge soundclash.

Not an official 4-4-2 music release, this disc was self-released by the artists but, being friends and thinking the music was great, we were more than happy to help out spreading the word.

1. Shane Gedekoh - Leave Me Alone

2. Shane Gedekoh - Watching Me Die (demo)

3. Underscore Adia - All I Watch Are Zombie Movies

4. Underscore Adia - Buick


<a href="http://karoshi.bandcamp.com/album/sleepwalker-gone-missing-split-7-with-ah-pandita">Sleepwalker / Gone Missing - Split 7&quot; with Ah! Pandita by karoshi</a>

Karoshi/Ah! Pandita
Split 7"
Released August 2010

When Karoshi located to Canberra in early 2010, one of the first artists they hooked up with was Ah! Pandita and it wasn't long before plans were hatched for a split 7" single, matching their respective takes on left-field pop. The single comes with one track from each and a bonus download of remixes from Telafonica, Seekae, StephenFox, Loopsnake and Karoshi doing Ah! Pandita.

A. Karoshi- Sleepwalker (featuring P.J. Wolf)
B. Ah! Pandita - Gone Missing


swords and spears

Lessons In Time
Swords And Spears
Released August 2010
AUS$12 (includes postage worldwide)

Swords And Spears develops the sounds from the debut EP, exploring the intersections between electro-acoustic improvisation, field recordings, cracked folk and digital manipulation. Canyons of near silence might open up in the middle of gentle folk meandering, or tin can percussion might propel brief, direct pop. Wassell deploys his multi-instrumental skills to fill the album with the acoustic textures of guitar, glockenspiel, melodica, synth, hawaiian slide guitar, cornet, mandolin and piano amongst percussion built from acoustic drums, scraps of paper, cardboard and hand percussion. No sound is left to its own devices too long, with moods chopping and changing at the press of a plug-in effect or the slice of digital scissors. Lyrically, Wassell explores themes of questioning beliefs, reassessing familial and friendship relationships and the twilight between childhood and adulthood.

With artwork drawn by Wassell himself and hand cut and folded at 4-4-2 Music HQ.
The album is released worldwide by our good friend at forthesakeofthesong Records. 4-4-2 Music have licensed it for the Australian market and so we can only mail copies of the album to Australian addresses. If you are anywhere in the world other than Australia, please go to the forthesakeofthesongs webshop (here) where you can purchase a copy.

1. In Regards To The Sorry Souls Of The Pretty Showmen
2. Free Rides
3. You Dance, And You Dance
4. How Dare I
5. Treats
6. Our Blanket
7. I Am Now The Empty Well
8. You Are Welcome
9. Little, Smart And Special
10. Marcus Aurelius Spoke To Me
11. If You Need To Hold Me
12. Wait One More Week


love on the second stair

Love On The Second Stair
Released November 2009
AUS$8 (approx €5/US$6) (includes postage worldwide)

While still deeply rooted in electronic rhythms and processing, the addition of Blake Wassell (Lessons In Time), Eliza Magill and Rebecca Elmer has seen Telafonica's sound expand into more organic domains. All four members write and sing, colouring the tracks in diverse ways. For the first time on a Telafonica release, all the tracks are song based with a cohesive lyrical focus, alluded to in the album title. A widening of live sounds has also resulted, ranging from traditional piano, cornet and glockenspiel through to the quirkier toy piano, curtain rods and typewriter, as well as a wide range of acoustic percussion. Trainspotters can also listen out for samples or sonic references from/to the likes of Gus Gus, Martini Bros, Adam and the Ants, The Beatles, Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Efterklang and Sufjan Stevens, amongst many others.

The London based contingent of Telafonica has certainly not been abandoned, with founding member David Hughes responsible for the artwork and design of the album packaging. The release comes in a hand built box containing the disc and a poster, all of which is printed using risograph technology.

1. I Can't Make You Love Me
2. Smells Like Rain
3. But I Lose Myself
4. The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte
5. ∆owyn And The Absolute Truth
6. Cover
7. Time To Move The Nest
8. Don't Speak For Me
9. The Separation Prepared This For Another Marriage


i saw this and thought of you

I Saw This And Thought Of You
Released March 2009
AUS$7 (approx €4/US$5) (includes postage worldwide)

A collection of tracks mostly created between the release of Telafonica's last album, Morpheme, in 2005 and early 2008, when David and Marcella moved to London. These were polished up over the course of 2008 and see the light of day on this release. Beginning an exploration of the cross between rhythms, melodies and subtle noise, the tracks have laid the foundation for Telafonica's live shows and for the types of music being created with the introduction of newer band members.

1. Tape Noise
2. Blending The Edges
3. This Is The New Thing
4. Send Away
5. Requited Love
6. Item Number
7. Listening In For Static


lessons in time

Lessons In Time
Lessons In Time
Released December 2008
AUS$7 (approx €4/US$5) (includes postage worldwide)

Lessons In Time is the debut release of 17 year old Blake Wassell. Handfuls of sounds are gathered and thrown into the air. They are then kept spinning precariously as fragments of song are formed in their shadow. With leanings toward (anti)folk combined with bedroom laptop processing, the EP is a textured exploration of sound and song.

1. An Invitation
2. How Very Good This Feeling Is
3. Light Is Sweet
4. Those Plastic Street Signs Are Not To Be Followed
5. The Light Broke


nothing ventured

Nothing Ventured b/w An Invitation
Released November 2008
AUS$13 (€7/US$8) (includes postage worldwide)

4-4-2 Music's first ever vinyl release sees two Telafonica tracks on a Peter King lathe cut slab of clear polycarbon. Nothing Ventured is grainy pop featuring glockenspiel, autoharp and terrestrial backing vocals alongside the regular, distressed electronics with guitar and bass. B-side, An Invitation, is a call to musical arms lead by crumpled al-foil, boy-girl vocals and climactic tuned bells.

Comes in a hand screen-printed sleeve and an initial run of just 50 copies.

A. Nothing Ventured
B. An Invitation


tomorrow mourning

Tomorrow Mourning
Released June 2008
AUS$7(€4/US$5) (includes postage worldwide)

Pascow make moody guitar pieces of sublime melodicism. With backgrounds in more metal styles, brothers Adam and Cory Griffon started Pascow as a side project to create more melow, melancholy soundscapes. They bring their technical virtuosity with them but here experiment with different timbres. Some sparkling collaborations add a global ring to their remarkable vignettes. This is instrumental guitar music with depth, creativity and skill.

Comes in hand crafted and folded origami style packaging

1. Overture (featuring Apjiw)
2. The Beginning (featuring Rami of Tristame)
3. One From Many
4. The Ascent
5. Eclipse II
6. Segue
8. One From Many (bonus version featuring Oliver Loughnan)


fingers and fists

Eliza Magill
Fingers And Fists
Released February 2008
AUS$7 (€4/US$5) (includes postage)

Eliza Magill recorded this EP at 17 years of age. For her HSC (final highschool) examination in Visual Arts, she designed and created the packaging for an EP, and recorded the music as a part of the work. The work was very successful, landing her a place in the Art Gallery Of NSW showcasing the best HSC artworks from across the state for 2007. That packaging is fairly labour intensive and a few copies will become available once the exhibition is over. For now, a simplified version of the artwork is available for the price of a regular EP. It still contains Eliza's drawings and is hand crafted for 4-4-2 Music.

The six tracks on the disc are based around Eliza's intimate piano based pop, coloured with a kaleidescope of instruments ranging from drums and guitars to glockenspiel, marimba, ukelele and melodica.

1. For Mondays
2. The Minimums
3. Close Enough
4. Minus Most Days
5. Jonah Girl
6. 1000 Strands


the monstrous now

The Monstrous Now
The Monstrous Now
Released October 2007
AUS$7 (€4/US$5) (includes postage)

The Monstrous Now are (normally) a 5-piece improv band and this is their debut album. The instruments they utilise run the gammut of the history of electronic music production, from an actual VC3 (one of only 5 in Australia), analog tape loops, 8-bit sampling, fx pedals processing through to cutting edge realtime laptop digital signal processing. These are laid over a bed of acoustic drums, electric bass, guitar, sax and keyboards. Every performance is unique and on this album, 3 pieces are presented, culled from over 30 hours of live studio performances. The Monstrous Now don't stick to the regular parameters of improv, as happy making noise as they are dub. A truly expansive and inspiring collection of work.

The album comes in the new origami style packaging, lovingly Designed By Kind Permission.

1. Translations
2. There Is No Movement
3. The Moons Of Saturn


the punches or the lies

The Punches Or The Lies
Released September 2007

CD Copy
AUS$7 (
€4/US$5) (includes postage)

At 40+ minutes, this is an EP in name only. Contains the single This Is The New Thing, along with 6 remixes of tracks from the forthcoming album. The remixes run the gamut of contemporary electronic styles, from the IDM of Marshall Watson and Broken Chip, the folktronic All India Radio, brooding German-tech from Sunstroke Militia and TiefenKLANG and finally, lo-fi crunch-dub from Andy Rantzen. The EP comes in a new style hand crafted origami sleeve. Value for money on all fronts.

1. This Is The New Thing
2. Tape Noise (Marshall Watson version)
3. Tape Noise (Broken Chip version)
4. Tape Noise (All India Radio version)
5. This Is The New Thing (Sunstroke Militia version)
6. Laughing At Trees (TiefenKLANG version)
7. Item Number (Andy Rantzen version)


pop songs for edith metzger

Various Artists
Pop Songs For Edith Metzger
Released October 2006
AUS$17 (€10/US$12.50) (includes postage)

Edith Metzger died in a car crash in the 1950s
and is generally unremembered.  Unfortunately
for her, the crash which took her life was
beyond her control.  However, the crash itself is
one of history's more famous ones - a drunk
Jackson Pollock, who was at the wheel, also
lost his life.  Edith Metzger was relegated to
the status of footnote - a forgotten shadow of
the man who took her life.
Using this as the starting point, a wide variety
of artists have put forth music worthy of the full
melancholic tragedy of the tale.  Whether
upbeat, mellow or downright sad, all these
tracks have an undercurrent of loss and

The album comes housed in the full D.I.Y.
etchic of 4-4-2 Music.  Everything, from the
painted and stitched cloth cover, the hand-
folded and glued cardboard inner sleeve,
hand painted and stamped discs, everything
apart from the actual pressing of the discs,
was done at 4-4-2 Music HQ to guarantee
that each copy is entirely unique.

1. Koplik - Mira El Cielo
2. tHe niGHt oWl - Big Atlantic
3. RantZen - Move Your Body
4. Leonardo's Robot - Siren
5. Lipstick - The Wildside
6. Jack's Son - True Trouble
7. Crossbow - Frost Belt-Sun Belt
8. Telafonica - Send Away
9. Holda & the Devil's Sooty Brother - Circles
10. Tim Koch - Glowlands
11. Nebula3 - Viewpoint
12. Marshall Watson - Along For The Ride
13. Ashley Wright - Crib Visitations Tainted Are


wake up it's christmas morning

the onestarband
Wake Up! It's Christmas Morning
AUS$17 (approx 10/US$12.50)

A Christmas album aimed primarily at children, but without any of the patronising or lazy musical production that this might normally be associated with.  You can tell everyone you are buying it for your niece/nephew, but then keep it for yourself. The album is musically diverse, veering from 1930s jugband music to 1970s funk to 1950s rock'n'roll to garage house to dubby trip-hop to psychedelic pop to....

As awkward as that all might sound, the album flows with  a consistent focus on strong melodies and simple songwriting.  A sample of a handful of the tracks (pre-mastered) can be found at http://www.mp3.com.au/onestarband.

1.   wake up! (mp3)
the only one (mp3)
3.   mary's singing
4.   more valuable than jewels
5.   all for you
6.   cousin john
7.   knock! knock!
8.   a pack of coloured pencils
9.   shepherd's song
10. it is true (mp3)
11. nothing's impossible with god (mp3)
12. one star (mp3)

karaoke versions
14. wake up!
15. the only one
16. mary's singing
17. more valuable than jewels
18. all for you
19. cousin john
20. knock! knock!
21. shepherd's song
22. it is true
23. nothing's impossible with god
24. one star


Released April 2005

CD Copy
AUS$7 (
€4/US$5) (includes postage)

Digital Download - Name Your Own Price (320kbps non-drm mp3)

A debut album of sorts.  While the band has been kicking around for a number of years, has a few releases of its own and on various compilations under its belt, an actual artist album is something that has not previously been created.  With Morpheme, the band has its first extended foray with vocalist Marcella, and with a collection of tracks which hang together in a traditional, album sense.  While still traversing diverse stylistic inspirations such as instrumental hip hop, deep house, triphop, abstractpop and ambient, with both traditional song structures and electronic sound pieces, an undercurrent of tempered melancholy holds everything together tightly.

The album comes packaged with a hand silkscreened and text-stamped fold out insert on recycled paper.

1. a distorted beginning
2. your hands
3. dust
4. go to b.ed
5. request
6. sounding it out
7. painter
8. for the manifesto of some world view
9. one and one
10. st valentine
11. music for rest


pressed into oxygen

Telafonica with StephenFox
Pressed Into Oxygen
Released 2004
AUS$12 (approx€7.50/US$9) (includes postage)

A departure for Telafonica, delving into ambient atmospherics and abstract soundscapes.  This album is the result of two, non-synchronised PCs running a variety of soundcreating, soundediting and soundprocessing programs, being played through a mixing desk with effects units, all in real time on to analogue tape.  Over two hours of raw material has been edited down to this 50-odd minute sound journey.

1. alive at the scanner
2. too much noise/lemon
3. deeper then darker
4. pikkot
5. remembering the voices
6. the bottom line
7. rising after breakfast
8. chinese whisper torture
9. lemering
10. sinewaves eat the future
11. happier than static
12. asleep at the scanner
13. my own bed



Released 2001
Currently Out Of Print
(mp3 version available at 4-4-2 netlabel)

The debut release from Telafonica, 'dos' (Spanish for 'two'), is a double e.p..  Feeling that, with the available material, an album might be a little too schizophrenic, the group decided to split the tracks into two shorter, distinct entities.

Disc One is the more upbeat of the two, covering electro, breaks, a splash of dub and some straight up bigbeat.

1. Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel
2. Penut HipHop
3. Star (Old City)
4. 89
5. Warm Void
6. Charly

Disc Two follows a more downbeat, introspective path, taking in ambient, triphop, dark d&b and other forms of electronic listening music.

1. Nocturnal
2. Lucas Repeat
3. Tryptich
4. Brown And Blue
5. Through A Glass Darkly (V-Hold Remix)
6. Sunlight
7. Radio Low


clan recordable 2

Clan Analogue
Various Artists
Clan Recordable 2
Released 2002
AUS$3 (approx
€2/US$2.20) (includes postage)

The second in a series of, ummm...two compilations put together by Jonathon Sykes at Clan Analogue early in the 21st century.  The aim of these compilations was that they all featured tracks that were already available on other releases - so they worked as ads for those releases.  The compilations were free to be copied and distributed by anyone - a kind of viral marketing.  This was actually a big influence on 4-4-2 Music's initial compilation - Reclaim Melody.

With full support from Clan Analogue, the CD is included on this website as it contains a few artists featured on other 4-4-2 releases and is, as far as we are aware, unavailable anywhere else.  The nominal price is to cover the cost of a blank CD, case and postage but hey, you could probably even nominate a trade or such and we'd be happy to take you up.

The actual music covers a range of electronic styles which dominated the Australian underground scene of the era, with a fairly strong techy-dub feel throughout, but with offshoots traversing a much wider spectrum than that definition might suggest.

1. minus 11 error - hold on taylor pt1
2. mr clean - you join in
3. zog - frantic drug call
4. null object - why does my haircut get rejected?
5. hydated - negative space
6. disco stu - needle fur
7. audio cephlon - nancy's boots
8. sonik professa - 5er down to play
9. pempek vs nerve agent - killed mama
10. telafonica - 89 (mp3)
11. nerve agent in dub - pigeons see colour

12. metrognome - a spliff for you
13. realistix feat. loop dubs - turbines of time
14. mstar - tiddalik
15. minus 11 error - hold on taylor pt2


sleight of hand

Leonard Records  LR-001
Sleight Of Hand
Released Oct 1996
AUS$7 (approx€4/US$5) (includes postage)

From 1993 until late 1998, Bubblejuggler roamed the fringes of the Sydney guitar pop scene, most noted for bands who they shared  stages and rehearsal space with such as Drop City, Sidewinder and The Crux (Sal Paradise).  The band put out a couple of cassette only releases before putting together their only album, Sleight Of Hand.

The album traverses many of the diverse styles that the group explored, from the mid-period Flaming Lips stylings of 'Picasso's Girl At Her Mirror' to the shoegazing 'Largesse' and 'Saturday', the  updated  Beatle pop of 'Alone' and 'Busted' to the  electronic ambience of 'Too Long Gone' and the Underground Lovers style techno-rock of 'Of Sheep Husbandry (Livestock and Other Tales).

Since the amicable split, bassist/vocalist Keith has devoted his life to science, guitarist/vocalist Adrian went on to become part of Telafonica, many of whose recordings were engineered by Bubblejuggler drummer Kim.  Adrian and Kim still hold some resentment over the fact they weren't permitted to title this album after the most rock and roll of all names, 'Keith'.

1. Bouquet
2. Picasso's Girl At Her Mirror (mp3)
3. Alone
4. Saturday
5. Too Long Gone
6. Fleamarket
7. Nectar
8. Largesse
9. Busted
10. Mud In My Veins
11. The Blessing
12. Of Sheep Husbandry (Livestock & Other Tales)


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